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Meet Keren Butcher

With a background in the outdoor industry coaching and empowering individuals to conquer fears and build their self-esteem, my true passion lies in fostering positive mindset shifts through holistic therapy and coaching.

What were your first thoughts reading that?

The stories we choose to tell, shape what people think of us and our own reality. What if I told you my story


I wrestled with the heavyweight champions of depression, anxiety, anger, people pleasing, burn-out, toxic relationships and excessive drinking, hyper-achiever among others. I threw every therapy I could find into the match, but, alas, the harmful negative patterns kept coming back for an encore! My life was like a chaotic circus.

When I stumbled upon Belief Coding® EVERYTHING changed. I de-tangled my childhood and adult trauma, I dissected my negative beliefs and with this I started to feel, think and actively be different! 

In October 2022, I became the Founder of Subconscious Coaching. I drastically reduced drinking, entered into a healthy and happy relationship, and improved my more bragging. All in all...the circus had left town, and in its place, a zen garden sprouted, complete with tranquillity and focus. A glorious mind.


So why do I believe I can help you?

I was you. In one way or another, we have both felt pain, experienced trauma, hurt, and suffering. I have been through this process myself and living proof it works. 


I am committed to empowering women to embrace authenticity and achieve success. My priority is fostering trust, providing guidance, creating a safe space, and enabling you to reach your fullest potential!

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